Recycled Content: 100% recycled paper is available for both colour and black & white printing.  Mimeo’s colour paper used in black & white printing has 30% post-consumer content, and we offer a wide variety of optional paper that meets EPA recycling guidelines.

Paper Offered includes SFI and FSC® certified stocks

As a printing company, paper is our most important resource. Many of our suppliers are either Green Seal Certified, FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®), Certificate Number: TT-C0C-003115 or SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified. This certification provides assurance of social and environmental responsibility through the manufacturing process.

How digital printing supports the environment through sustainability

  • Reduced paper waste: print only what you need
  • Reduced make-ready and change-over waste

When compared to other printing options, Mimeo is an environmentally friendly solution. By submitting documents from your desktop and using our online proofing tool, customers avoid multiple trips to printing facilities and the wasted paper that comes from mistakes and overstocks.

Environmental audits at our Facilities:

Our facilities are continually audited for energy consumption, toxins, chemicals, materials, supply chain, and employee practices. In fact our Newark print facility was built with materials from the building it replaced.

Digital Colour Presses

Our Colour Presses are designed to lessen their environmental impact. Many recycled materials are used in manufacturing, and the mainframes, accessories and replacements parts are designed to be remanufactured or recycled.  In addition our print presses run with virtually no emissions, do not use harmful compounds, require no hazardous waste removal, and consume low levels of energy.

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