In a busy Human Resources organisation, printing is usually the last thing that is on everyone’s mind. It is what happens after the hard work of creating the materials is complete. Outsourcing the administrative tasks like printing and distribution lets you spend more time on your core employee and recruitment related job functions. According to Gartner, enterprise document management solutions like Mimeo can save the average organisation between 10% - 30%, money that can be reinvested back into your budget.

Recruitment and Hiring

With Mimeo, materials are only printed when they are needed so there is a perfect match between the number of employees hired and what is printed. Typical Documents Printed by Mimeo:
  • Employee applications and forms
  • Orientation Materials
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Recruitment/Marketing Materials
  • Induction/Training Manuals
  • Benefits Brochures
With Mimeo you can clean out those cupboards and storerooms filled with materials and ship them all to our warehouse. We’ll combine preprinted manuals with those that are printed on demand and send them directly to the recipient. It’s a process that used to take hours and turns it into minutes. By only printing when materials are needed, most companies can reduce costs dramatically, just by eliminating costs associated with out of date documents. We have invested millions of dollars developing one of the highest quality and most secure Human Resources Solutions in the world. Return to Business Solutions from Human Resources Solutions >

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