An Educational Services Print Solution That's a True Partner

Your customer deliverables have to be perfect – every time. Our state-of-the-art production facilities and proprietary quality assurance procedures enable us to deliver a 99.7% error-free rate.


The perfect marriage of flexible and scalable. Our technology is flexible to handle short runs while simultaneously providing enough scale for large client volumes – and everything in between.

Create A Client Portal

Our Marketplace Platform lets you publish your intellectual property to a secure online storefront. Clients access only the materials they need. The platform handles the rest behind the scenes, including approvals and real-time reporting.

Secure eContent Distribution

Our eContent platform supports digital distribution of your intellectual property. Our technology delivers content in three unique methods and secures who, when & where users can access. Our online reader allows for user annotations and group collaboration.

Let us show you how we can improve your company’s efficiency and expenditures.

We are committed to innovation, quality, and customer service. Speak to one of our specialists to learn how Mimeo can improve ROI on your print expenditures: