Order Warehoused Materials From One Platform

Use your Mimeo Print or Marketplace account to quickly pull and place warehoused materials to form unique packages:

Branded Merchandise

Customised Apparel

Office Supplies


Don’t see what you want warehoused? We’re flexible and can even help you source items.

In fact, Mimeo has warehoused some of the strangest things for our customers:

Easily Kit or Bundle Print and Non-Print Materials Together

Bundle Items

You need to ship items together, but the sequence doesn’t matter.

Kit Items

You want to ship items together in a particular sequence.

“Mimeo allows us to organise bundles for ordering, reducing the administrative burden and making it easy for new employees to consume that critical information.”

Chris Schricker, Director of Training, Dave & Buster’s



Receive high-quality materials. Always.

Like our print-on-demand services, warehoused items undergo a rigorous quality assurance process.

View real-time inventory.

View the exact quantity of inventoried items in real-time directly from your Mimeo Print document library.

Drive efficiency. Lower costs.

Avoid having to source from multiple vendors. Kit, bundle, and ship all your print and non-print items using Mimeo.

Looking to warehouse or kit with Mimeo?

Speak to one of our experts to learn about how Mimeo can be your one-stop shop.