Benefits of Mimeo Marketplace and Customization

Mimeo Marketplace is an easy-to-use online tool that lets you create your own customized online storefront, publish documents, and let others do the ordering… reducing the time, expense, and resources of printing, storing, and distributing publications yourself. Mimeo prints the documents on-demand and ships them where and when they are needed, even overnight!

Simplifies Distribution – Shifts document ordering to the end user. Whether you are supplying collateral and presentations to a sales force or working with external channel partners, Marketplace simplifies document distribution while improving efficiency

Turnkey Solution – For those requiring a content management system, Marketplace seamlessly integrates the Mimeo document management system with a Marketplace storefront in one platform.

Controls Expenses – On demand ordering means no expense is incurred until an order is placed, turning printing into a variable cost vs. an upfront fixed cost.

Collaborative Work Process – By adding user generated fields to documents, channel partners have the ability to co-brand, improving document effectiveness.

Higher Return on Investment (ROI) – Persuasive, customized and targeted communication drives greater response rates and ROI from end users.

What is Customizing

Customizing documents means adding variable fields where you want others to add their own content. An example is an agent or reseller who adds their name, photo and contact details and prints multiple copies of this document for end users.

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