RFPs are a critical part of the sales process for Iron Mountain’s North American Sales Team of 600 Sellers. When the VP of Sales noticed that the quality of the actual documents produced did not reflect the quality of the content they contained, he knew the issue needed to be addressed.

  • Produce high-quality critical, client-facing documents
  • Remove RFP document production responsibilities from Sellers


When Elise’s Proposal Services team was tasked with finding a better way to produce Iron Mountain’s RFPs, she knew their internal copy machines or a local mom & pop would not meet their quality requirements. Mimeo’s centralized facility and 9-point quality check on every document ensured the quality would be up to Iron Mountain’s standards.


  • RFP document quality exceeded expectations
  • Eliminated time sellers spent on producing the documents, allowing them to sell more

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“Mimeo has printed and delivered well over 1,000 proposals for Iron Mountain and you’ve never let us down.” - Elise

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